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Under the Big Top March 27, 2012

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We went to the Shrine Circus on Sunday!  Our daycare provider won free tickets that she wasn’t using, so she shared them with us.  Caelum was so excited all weekend, because he knew they were going to have elephants at the circus.  He sat with his eyes wide, entranced by the three rings for most of the two hours.  When it was all over, he said his favorite were the elephants!  Everett hung out in his papoose and was happy as a clam the whole time.  I’m happy we get to experience the excitement of these events again through our children. A reminder on how to appreciate the simpler joys.


Just Need to Cry March 22, 2012

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Caelum loves to eat, there’s no doubt about it.  Always has.  The first thing when we get home around 5:30 is to have a snack.  Monday was no different.  He had his snack (probably 2!), and then I started making dinner.  Unfortunately, his favorite snacks, granola bars (“gola bars”) are visible every time I open the pantry door while cooking.  He got upset and wanted another one, but I was firm that dinner was starting soon.  Caelum’s reaction was to throw all of his magnets off the fridge onto the floor in a show of anger.  I said that wasn’t acceptable and put him in a timeout.

As is typical, after a couple minutes I went to him in his corner and knelt down for an apology and a hug.  Caelum is usually pretty eager to get out his “Sawee Mama” so he can get back to his playing.  But this time, between his gulps for air, he managed to get out, “Cry in my room.”  I said, “You want to cry in your room?”  “Yeah, cry in my room!”  How can you say no to that?  If a 2 1/2 year old can articulate that hey, I’m just upset right now and I need to go in my room to cry it out for a little bit, then that’s fine by me!  Hey, sometimes we all just need to cry.


Papanana March 12, 2012

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We went to the Twin Cities this weekend for a little winter getaway with Chris’ family.  We stayed at a hotel with a waterpark, visited the MOA and the aquarium, and enjoyed some good Italian food and wine on Saturday night.  Caelum lived in anticipation for the week prior, because he knew we were going to go swimming in the “big pool” and see Papanana.  This is how he refers to Chris’ parents:  instead of taking the time to insert the “and” between their names, they just get lumped together!  He loves seeing them all so much; he was in heaven this weekend.  Everett was a peach also, and he’s becoming more enjoyable by the day as he smiles more and just enjoys hanging out versus requiring constant bouncing and swaying.  He also must have known I was returning to work this week, because he decided to start sleeping through the night!  The first night was Monday night, and he went on a five-night streak.  Love it.


Saturday Night’s Alright March 4, 2012

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My sister was supposed to come visit yesterday so that we could shop for bridesmaid dresses for her upcoming wedding.  Unfortunately the roads were pretty bad, so she didn’t make it.  I was bummed and felt that itch to come up with something else to entertain me on a Saturday, especially because I knew Chris would be gone in the evening for work.  I didn’t have any “exciting” plans surface, but what resulted was extremely satisfying in a much cozier way.

After Chris left for work, I strapped Everett into his wrap, and Caelum and I got started on a baking project.  Personal-sized baked oatmeal to be exact, or in our lingo, “oatmeal bites.”  (Everything tastes better if you add “bite” after it.)  Caelum got to use his hands to mash up a banana, and what could be a better project for a 2-year-old, really?  The oatmeal bites came out just so-so (a tad bland for my taste), but he loves them.  After that project, all three of us curled up on the couch to indulge in a little “Q’Viva!”.  (This was our best choice…)  Caelum enjoyed the dancing and drum playing though, and he was considerate enough to make sure that Everett and I were all snuggled under his blanket with him too.  Not the kind of Saturday night I would typically choose, but it was more than alright with me.


movie night, first big snow, & last week March 1, 2012

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Saturday held a fun “surprise” in it – my mom was coming through town, so I asked if she could stop by and baby-sit so that Chris and I could go to a matinee.  Yea!  Then when we came home, she told us to go back out and have fun, so we went out for dinner and drinks at Lucky’s 13.  What a great night to reconnect.  Family is a blessing.

Sunday was our first “big snow” of the year.  It’s been beautifully, wonderfully, joyfully mild this winter.  I have commented to Chris on more than one occasion that I know I have been happier this winter than usual because of the warmer temps and less snow, and I am willing to bet there has been a decrease in seasonal depression in the area overall this year.  Caelum loves the snow though and getting to help Daddy clean off the driveway and sidewalks.  He spends most of his time sitting on the steps watching Chris run the snowblower, but sometimes he gets out of his little red shovel and pushes snow around.  I love watching them outside together.

This is my last week home on maternity leave.  Bittersweet, but I am lucky there is any sweet in it:  lucky to have a job I love to go back to and don’t just HAVE to go back to drudgery in order to put food on the table.  I have loved the last couple weeks with Caelum  at daycare in the mornings.  It has freed me up to really spend some quality bonding time with Everett, get some “me time” in, and then enjoy the time with Caelum in the afternoons even more.  What joy.