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movie night, first big snow, & last week March 1, 2012

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Saturday held a fun “surprise” in it – my mom was coming through town, so I asked if she could stop by and baby-sit so that Chris and I could go to a matinee.  Yea!  Then when we came home, she told us to go back out and have fun, so we went out for dinner and drinks at Lucky’s 13.  What a great night to reconnect.  Family is a blessing.

Sunday was our first “big snow” of the year.  It’s been beautifully, wonderfully, joyfully mild this winter.  I have commented to Chris on more than one occasion that I know I have been happier this winter than usual because of the warmer temps and less snow, and I am willing to bet there has been a decrease in seasonal depression in the area overall this year.  Caelum loves the snow though and getting to help Daddy clean off the driveway and sidewalks.  He spends most of his time sitting on the steps watching Chris run the snowblower, but sometimes he gets out of his little red shovel and pushes snow around.  I love watching them outside together.

This is my last week home on maternity leave.  Bittersweet, but I am lucky there is any sweet in it:  lucky to have a job I love to go back to and don’t just HAVE to go back to drudgery in order to put food on the table.  I have loved the last couple weeks with Caelum  at daycare in the mornings.  It has freed me up to really spend some quality bonding time with Everett, get some “me time” in, and then enjoy the time with Caelum in the afternoons even more.  What joy.


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