The Grateful Life

Papanana March 12, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — Nicole Welle Nere @ 3:42 pm

We went to the Twin Cities this weekend for a little winter getaway with Chris’ family.  We stayed at a hotel with a waterpark, visited the MOA and the aquarium, and enjoyed some good Italian food and wine on Saturday night.  Caelum lived in anticipation for the week prior, because he knew we were going to go swimming in the “big pool” and see Papanana.  This is how he refers to Chris’ parents:  instead of taking the time to insert the “and” between their names, they just get lumped together!  He loves seeing them all so much; he was in heaven this weekend.  Everett was a peach also, and he’s becoming more enjoyable by the day as he smiles more and just enjoys hanging out versus requiring constant bouncing and swaying.  He also must have known I was returning to work this week, because he decided to start sleeping through the night!  The first night was Monday night, and he went on a five-night streak.  Love it.


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