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Elephants and Broccoli April 18, 2012

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I made grilled black bean and corn pizzas tonight for supper.  I told Caelum (who usually loves pizza), “Eat your pizza.  It has black beans, your favorite.”

“No, elephants my favorite!”

HA!  Since the circus, whenever he hears the word “favorite,” his immediate response is now “elephants.”

Later he was sitting on Chris’ lap as he was having dinner.  Pizza, again, but what does Caelum wail for?


Perhaps Green Giant needs a two-year-old spokesperson?



“Hockey Game!” April 16, 2012

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Life is so busy right now.  I like staying active and involved, not sitting home every night, but it does seem like it’s either a drought or a rainstorm of activity for us.

I’ve been taking dance lessons with my brother.  That is fun!  Usually it’s Sunday afternoons, but we’ve had some make-up sessions, so I went out there on Friday night too.  Chris was home with both boys all day Friday because daycare was closed, then he was on his own all night.  What a trooper.  Saturday night we got free tickets from a friend for a local hockey game.  Caelum was excited, even though he doesn’t have a clue what hockey is!  The highlight of the event has been the follow-up questions though:

“Caelum, where did we go last night?”

“HOCKEY GAME!” he exclaims in his attempt at a deep, tough voice.  Hilarious!  Sometimes he even pretends he’s flexing his muscles at the same time.

Sunday had me at the church bright and early to serve breakfast, so Chris was on his own for Mass.  Then we all headed to dance lessons together!  That was fun.  This week brings a meeting, teaching, fun, appointments, or work every night!  I’m just trying to stay thankful for all the little moments this life affords us to enjoy and turn the other cheek to those laundry piles….