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The Hot Life July 23, 2012

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Spent the weekend at Lake Minnewaska.  Got there on Friday night; Brad, Darlene, and Beth showed up on Saturday; a few friends of Brad and Darlene’s came out on Sunday, along with Ellen and Adam.

Very hot, so it was perfect.  The lake is crazy warm, but of course the warm weather also makes it extra murky.  Yuck.  Caelum and Everett both love being outside so much.


Her Mind July 20, 2012

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Went to the Downtown Street Fair with Mom last night.  It was hot and humid, but enjoyable.  Bought a few fun things for myself, including a really neat recycled, hand-bound journal by Couple of Artists.  They don’t have a website, but Dan & Alyssa Sharbono can be reached at

They take old book hardcovers (typically children’s books or school books), make a front and a back, fill it with a hodgepodge of blank pages, then sew it up!  It is really very cool and just the perfect piece I was searching for to get all of my lists, notes, and insights down on paper.  I picked a cover with a little redheaded girl on the front.  The only text still visible from the title of the original book is, “her mind,” which I thought perfectly described what this book will soon entomb!Journal


Fair and Fair July 18, 2012

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  • Went to the county fair last weekend; myself and Steph on Friday night for some happy hour at the new wine garden and with the whole family on Sunday.  Met up with Matthew, Laurie, and Brenna for a couple rides and farm animals.  It was HOT and windy.  Caelum’s favorite was the carousel (horses) and milking the fake cow in the learning barn.

    Driving the General Lee

  • Planning to go to the downtown street fair with Mom again this week.  Kind of our annual tradition, even if we don’t really buy much!
  • Everett is thisclose to crawling.  Chris called his current action “squirting.”  Gets up on all fours, tummy off the ground, but then just kind of squirts forward with a thrust instead of actually crawling.  But that’s okay….it will be soon enough.