The Grateful Life

A Comfy Tub August 2, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — Nicole Welle Nere @ 8:55 am

Caelum is going through a little stage of not wanting to go to sleep at night, which has manifested itself in various degrees of difficulty, from not saying his prayers to running away to coming out of his room constantly.

Another little “trick” of his is to at least stay in his room, but he curls up immediately behind the bedroom door and lies on the floor.  Then when we try to get in the room later to check on him or put Everett down, we can barely eek the door open!

He did this last night, then when I went in there to put Everett in his crib, he said he wanted to lie on the floor next to his bed.  I told him that was fine, then left the room.  I heard some rustling by the door, so I told Chris that I would bet we’d find him sleeping behind the door again.  I was wrong….

He had pulled Everett’s baby bathtub out from under the crib and pushed it over by his bed.  Of course it’s a little hard and uncomfortable, so he problem solved by decking it out with his pillow and cozy blankets!  We found him all curled up in this infant tub, sleeping contently and snuggled up.  Who needs a toddler bed, seriously?  Save some money, parents – get multiple uses out of that bathtub; your creative child will thank you.


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