The Grateful Life

Too Dark, Can’t See September 11, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — Nicole Welle Nere @ 2:33 pm

Caelum has been pretty excellent about going to bed until lately.  But the last few weeks, he won’t stay in his room, and he tries every trick in the book to stall before even entering the room in the first place.

He prefers to sleep on the floor.  He needs another drink of water.  He needs a potty break.  He needs ALL his stuffed animals with him.  On the floor.  He needs his Pooh Bear sheet.  I’ve never met an almost-3-year-old with so many urgent needs.

We’re starting to get serious here on keeping him in his room, and he is getting better.  But now that it gets darker earlier and earlier, he says it’s “too dark, can’t see” when we close the bedroom door.  And really, I don’t blame him – it gets pitch black in there.  So now we have to leave the door cracked a little.  He stays in his room, but of course he doesn’t fall asleep for some time because he can see and hear us out in the kitchen and dining room.

How to be a parent:  Pick your battles.


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