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Birthday in the Fridge September 24, 2012

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Three years ago today we were at the birthing center holding newborn Caelum in our arms.  Wow.

He is very excited to be 3!  We had his birthday party on Saturday, and he was so happy to have all his favorite people around.  He kept telling everyone that came in the door, “My birthday’s in the fridge.”  This was met with raised eyebrows.  To him, the cake WAS his birthday, and it was in the fridge of course!

Caelum's 3rd Birthday

So proud of his three ribbons.

For his actual birthday, we went to the mall, where he was made to endure many rounds of new-shoe-testing before finally getting to play in Dinosaur Playland (he liked the dinosaur slide the best) and enjoying his very first Happy Meal.  When asked if he wanted pizza, a hamburger, or chicken nuggets for dinner, the answer was an emphatic “chicken nuggets!”  What a happy boy.


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