The Grateful Life

Snow Boots October 4, 2012

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Four days ago it was 80+ degrees outside.  I was disappointed I couldn’t start wearing my fall boots and snuggly sweaters.  Well, just as I predicted, ND has skipped right over autumn and into full-blown winter.

Caelum was waking up this morning, and I thought he would be excited to run to the window with me and see; “Caelum, come look out the window with me!”  He lies there in bed, just looking at me.  “Caelum, come on!”  “Noooo, we have to get our jammies off first.”  Okay, fine, get dressed first.

After an argument about not being able to wear short-sleeves (he was allowed to wear his Vikings shirt for the 13th day in a row), he came to the stairs and sat down.  “Caelum, come look with me!  What do you think is outside?!”  “I put my shoes on, Mama.  I can do it.”  Okay, yes, you can put your shoes on yourself first.

Finally I get him to the door to look out.  “It’s raining!” he exclaims.  “Yes, it is raining, but what is on the ground?”  Questioning look.  “It’s snow.  There’s snow on the ground!”  “Yeah!”

I told him he had to wear his hat and mittens today because it was cold and snowing, and as he’s agreeing with me, he starts taking OFF his shoes that he had worked so hard to put on just a minute ago.  “Caelum, why are you taking your shoes off?”  “I have to wear my snow boots!”

Chris just gave me the look.


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