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How We Treat Ourselves November 15, 2012

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Have been reading a new parenting site I recently found,  It’s focus is on effective attachment parenting, which I love.  It lists the top ten reasons to use Positive Parenting, and #10 is “How you treat your child is how she will learn to treat herself.  That is some great truth, so simple, and yet easy to overlook.  Our children learn what they live.

In addition to this, I also happened to see a different post on a related angle:  that how you treat yourself is how your child will learn to treat herself.  It was from a mother that realized she needed to start seeing herself as beautiful, just as she sees her daughters as beautiful, and just as they see her now.  If they only see and hear their mother talking about her wrinkles or saggy butt or stretched stomach, they’re going to grow up thinking that is how women are:  never good enough, never beautiful once we pass the age of 22.

No woman wants her daughter to grow up thinking she’s ugly.  No woman wants her sons to grow up thinking only Barbie doll perfection is beautiful.  So why do we allow ourselves to think that way?  It starts with us.

This isn’t a problem of the big bad “they” that we blame everything on.  WE are “they,” and we have the power to change our own perceptions and our own attitudes.  It starts with us.


Wake Up, Mister November 14, 2012

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Caelum woke up this morning around 6:45.  We could hear him in his bedroom, whining a little about still being tired.  When Chris tried to open his door up a little, Caelum got upset and pushed it closed again.  Which was fine, because he didn’t need to get up yet.

Five minutes later, he’s gotten out of bed.  He’s standing in front of Everett’s crib, nose up to the slats, saying, “Wake up, mister!  Wake up, mister!” to Everett’s little snuggled up face.  Apparently once Caelum’s awake, it’s his duty to make sure all follow suit.


Attachment November 9, 2012

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Mother Angelica was talking on the radio this morning about attachment, in particular too much attachment to things of this world.  Both “things” and people.  When people die, and we become angry with God, that means we were too attached to that person.  They are not ours to keep; this world is fleeting; we were not made for this world.  A difficult concept, no doubt about it, but true all the same.


Clarity November 8, 2012

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One of the best things about my regular adoration hour is that I always feel such clarity and comfort coming out of it.  I take all my anxieties in there, God helps me sort through them, and when the hour has passed, I feel exactly what we pray in Mass:  “…protected from all anxiety.  I leave you peace, my peace I give you.”

No, not complete answers that “this will happen next,” or “if I do this next step, God told me that he will give me this thing.”  Not clarity in the sense of predicting the future or knowing exactly what will transpire, but clarity of knowing God will take care of me.  Comfort in knowing that if I go down a road that was previously uncertain, it will be okay.  God is the author, and I trust him to write a happy ending.


Grazie November 7, 2012

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Celebrated the conclusion of my 29th year on this earth yesterday.  Chris brought me beautiful gerberas to cheer my office, then took us all out for dinner to Grazies Pasta Company.  The boys were great, and we had a fun time.  So blessed.


Cookie Comparison November 5, 2012

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Caelum is well on his way to loving Halloween as much as I do.  To inspire him, I salvaged (and by “salvaged,” I mean, “asked Mom to dig it out for me”) the old Cookie Monster costume that Mom made for me 25 years ago.  It fit him perfectly, and he loved it – even having his face painted!  I think he loved answering the door for trick-or-treaters even more than actually going out ourselves though, as he would run to the door squealing and push me aside to hand out the candy.

Cookie Comparison

Cookie circa 1986 and 2012

Everett also was a trooper.  Not as much enthusiasm as Caelum, but at least he kept his hat on!

Family Halloween 2012

A Girl Who Loves Halloween & an 80’s Aerobics Instructor combine to form a Cookie Monster and a Tiny Swashbuckler

I just cannot resist these big eyes.

Everett Halloween 2012



All Saints Day November 2, 2012

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Love having a day off, but I only got to spend it cleaning and doing laundry.  Such is life!  Best part was at the end, snuggling with my little saints on the basement couch, nursing Everett and reading Caelum his bedtime story, “The Art Lesson.”  This was a baby gift from my SMU friend, Erin Martinucci.  Caelum is finally at the age to enjoy it, and he was pretty taken in.  Everett just loved getting to snuggle with his two favorite people at once!