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Cookie Comparison November 5, 2012

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Caelum is well on his way to loving Halloween as much as I do.  To inspire him, I salvaged (and by “salvaged,” I mean, “asked Mom to dig it out for me”) the old Cookie Monster costume that Mom made for me 25 years ago.  It fit him perfectly, and he loved it – even having his face painted!  I think he loved answering the door for trick-or-treaters even more than actually going out ourselves though, as he would run to the door squealing and push me aside to hand out the candy.

Cookie Comparison

Cookie circa 1986 and 2012

Everett also was a trooper.  Not as much enthusiasm as Caelum, but at least he kept his hat on!

Family Halloween 2012

A Girl Who Loves Halloween & an 80’s Aerobics Instructor combine to form a Cookie Monster and a Tiny Swashbuckler

I just cannot resist these big eyes.

Everett Halloween 2012



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