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How We Treat Ourselves November 15, 2012

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Have been reading a new parenting site I recently found,  It’s focus is on effective attachment parenting, which I love.  It lists the top ten reasons to use Positive Parenting, and #10 is “How you treat your child is how she will learn to treat herself.  That is some great truth, so simple, and yet easy to overlook.  Our children learn what they live.

In addition to this, I also happened to see a different post on a related angle:  that how you treat yourself is how your child will learn to treat herself.  It was from a mother that realized she needed to start seeing herself as beautiful, just as she sees her daughters as beautiful, and just as they see her now.  If they only see and hear their mother talking about her wrinkles or saggy butt or stretched stomach, they’re going to grow up thinking that is how women are:  never good enough, never beautiful once we pass the age of 22.

No woman wants her daughter to grow up thinking she’s ugly.  No woman wants her sons to grow up thinking only Barbie doll perfection is beautiful.  So why do we allow ourselves to think that way?  It starts with us.

This isn’t a problem of the big bad “they” that we blame everything on.  WE are “they,” and we have the power to change our own perceptions and our own attitudes.  It starts with us.


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