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How to Get a Moment Alone…or Not April 16, 2013

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A re-post of my blog from yesterday on Diva Connection News.

How to Get a Moment Alone…or Not



Grazie November 7, 2012

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Celebrated the conclusion of my 29th year on this earth yesterday.  Chris brought me beautiful gerberas to cheer my office, then took us all out for dinner to Grazies Pasta Company.  The boys were great, and we had a fun time.  So blessed.


Cookie Comparison November 5, 2012

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Caelum is well on his way to loving Halloween as much as I do.  To inspire him, I salvaged (and by “salvaged,” I mean, “asked Mom to dig it out for me”) the old Cookie Monster costume that Mom made for me 25 years ago.  It fit him perfectly, and he loved it – even having his face painted!  I think he loved answering the door for trick-or-treaters even more than actually going out ourselves though, as he would run to the door squealing and push me aside to hand out the candy.

Cookie Comparison

Cookie circa 1986 and 2012

Everett also was a trooper.  Not as much enthusiasm as Caelum, but at least he kept his hat on!

Family Halloween 2012

A Girl Who Loves Halloween & an 80’s Aerobics Instructor combine to form a Cookie Monster and a Tiny Swashbuckler

I just cannot resist these big eyes.

Everett Halloween 2012



All Saints Day November 2, 2012

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Love having a day off, but I only got to spend it cleaning and doing laundry.  Such is life!  Best part was at the end, snuggling with my little saints on the basement couch, nursing Everett and reading Caelum his bedtime story, “The Art Lesson.”  This was a baby gift from my SMU friend, Erin Martinucci.  Caelum is finally at the age to enjoy it, and he was pretty taken in.  Everett just loved getting to snuggle with his two favorite people at once!


Snuggle Times Two October 22, 2012

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One of my favorite things is when I am nursing Everett on a Saturday or Sunday morning and Caelum comes to snuggle with us.  We’re usually pretty squished on the recliner together, and Everett has to be adjusted and readjusted to half lie on Caelum’s lap too, but it is the sweetest.  I may not be nursing my toddler, but I am still giving him all the loves and snuggles he needs in that moment.  And Everett gets to be close to his two favorite people in the world.  What could be better?


Being Needed & Wanted October 19, 2012

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Today I am grateful for being needed and wanted.  The way a baby just needs his mama sometimes, just desiring to be close to her and held, because she is safe and comforting and makes the whole world a better place – that is a beautiful thing.  Annoying sometimes, yes, and heartbreaking sometimes too, when you must say goodbye in the morning, but something to be grateful for nonetheless.  It basically boils down to being loved, and there’s nothing better than that.  I love you too, Everett.