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How to Get a Moment Alone…or Not April 16, 2013

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A re-post of my blog from yesterday on Diva Connection News.

How to Get a Moment Alone…or Not



The Morning Light March 4, 2013

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Every night we say our prayers with Caelum, which usually includes the bedtime prayer:

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  Watch over me through all the night, and wake me with the morning light.

He does a nice job of alternating the lines with us – we say one, he says the next.  It’s a good routine.

In the mornings, Chris usually gets the boys ready, so he opens their door about 10 minutes before he wants them to get up, so that they start seeing some light and hearing some noise.  Caelum is usually pretty reluctant, putting the quilt over his head and stating, “I’m still sleeping!”

Last night at bedtime, Caelum said to Chris, “Daddy, tomorrow I want you to wake me with the morning light.  I don’t want you to wake me with the door.”

I knew he didn’t like his door being opened!


Belly Buttons February 26, 2013

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I was home alone with the boys over the weekend.  After bath time on Saturday night, Caelum and I were talking about belly buttons.  I explained how everyone has one, and it’s where we used to be connected to our mommies to get food.  He was enthralled.

He went to bed pretty well not long after that.  Tucked him in to his bed with Bruce, Chris’ old homemade Cabbage Patch doll.  Bruce is soft and loved, and his head turns 360 degrees, so he’s not always facing forward!  All was quiet in Caelum’s room for about 15 minutes, so I assumed he had fallen asleep pretty quickly.

All of a sudden I hear his door creak open slowly.  I look up, and Caelum is standing in the doorway peaking out, Bruce under his arm.

“Caelum, what’s going on?”

“Bruce doesn’t have a belly button!”  his terrified voice declared.  Oh my goodness, my heart just melted as I tried to hold back my chuckle.

I rushed over and knelt down next to him.  “Honey, it’s okay.  See, here’s Bruce’s belly button!”  All it took was a little turn of poor Bruce’s head so that he was facing the right direction again.  Poor Caelum had been lying in bed all that time, searching and agonizing over Bruce’s lack of belly button!

“Ooohhhh,” he said with a slight smile, and immediately he turned and headed back to bed.  All was okay again!  Love it!


Acting Crazy January 14, 2013

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We were squishing three adults and two car seats into Chris’ car this weekend.

Chris informed Caelum, “Mama is going to ride in the back between you and Everett.”

“So we don’t act crazy??”

Yes sir, that is EXACTLY it.



Just a Card December 28, 2012

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On Christmas Day at Sandy & Brian’s, Caelum was helping Logan open some of his presents.  He pulled out the one from Grandma & Grandpa, which is always a gift card.  Caelum pulls it out of the little gift bag, holds it up excitedly, then takes a look at Logan and informs him, “Just a card.”  Caelum shrugs his shoulders like, “Sorry buddy, that’s a disappointment,” and hands it over.  We were rolling on the floor with laughter.


Christmas Tuna December 20, 2012

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Just me and the boys last night, as Chris was teaching RE.  Made some pasta shells and broccoli.  I added tuna to mine, but Caelum begged off.

“Caelum, would you like some tuna?”

“No, me no like tuna,” he informed me.  “I only like tuna at Christmas.”

“You’ll eat tuna on Christmas?”

“Yes, I only like tuna at Christmas.  I no like tuna on Thursdays or Tuesdays.”

I didn’t bother to let him know that it was a Wednesday, as I don’t think it would have made a difference to his logic anyway.  What a goofy kid.


Memory Crazy December 6, 2012

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Caelum and Daddy sat down to play Memory.  I was in the sun room nursing Everett and getting him ready for bed.  All of a sudden I heard Caelum start melting down in the bedroom:

“You’re not doing it right!  Daddy, stop!  You’re not doing it right!”

Chris attempted to calm him down and asked how exactly he was supposed to be doing it (because really, how wrong can you “do” the Memory game?), but Caelum was having none of it.  It was just beyond hope, in his tiny person’s opinion.

Caelum came out to me and asked me to play instead.  He waited patiently as I finished with Everett and got him to bed, then we sat down on the bedroom floor to play Memory.  I started laying out the cards in a little grid, and he was immediately satisfied.

“You’re doing it right!  That’s not how Daddy did it.”

Confused, because I wasn’t doing anything spectacular or out of the ordinary here, I told him he better get Daddy and show him how he preferred it be done.  So Chris came in and sat down to play with us.

After one successful round, Caelum wanted to play again, so Chris started laying out the cards.

“Look!” Caelum’s head whipped over to me with amazement on his face.  “He no acting crazy no more!!”

Upon further discussion, Chris admitted that perhaps yes, he had been acting a little crazy in his layout of Memory cards earlier.  He had put them in a circle of sorts on the floor, kind of a mishmash, and it was clearly the work of a certifiably crazy person (at least in a 3-year-old’s view).  I’m still laughing about Caelum’s gleeful reaction to his Daddy’s restored sanity.