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The Morning Light March 4, 2013

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Every night we say our prayers with Caelum, which usually includes the bedtime prayer:

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  Watch over me through all the night, and wake me with the morning light.

He does a nice job of alternating the lines with us – we say one, he says the next.  It’s a good routine.

In the mornings, Chris usually gets the boys ready, so he opens their door about 10 minutes before he wants them to get up, so that they start seeing some light and hearing some noise.  Caelum is usually pretty reluctant, putting the quilt over his head and stating, “I’m still sleeping!”

Last night at bedtime, Caelum said to Chris, “Daddy, tomorrow I want you to wake me with the morning light.  I don’t want you to wake me with the door.”

I knew he didn’t like his door being opened!


Acting Crazy January 14, 2013

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We were squishing three adults and two car seats into Chris’ car this weekend.

Chris informed Caelum, “Mama is going to ride in the back between you and Everett.”

“So we don’t act crazy??”

Yes sir, that is EXACTLY it.



Memory Crazy December 6, 2012

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Caelum and Daddy sat down to play Memory.  I was in the sun room nursing Everett and getting him ready for bed.  All of a sudden I heard Caelum start melting down in the bedroom:

“You’re not doing it right!  Daddy, stop!  You’re not doing it right!”

Chris attempted to calm him down and asked how exactly he was supposed to be doing it (because really, how wrong can you “do” the Memory game?), but Caelum was having none of it.  It was just beyond hope, in his tiny person’s opinion.

Caelum came out to me and asked me to play instead.  He waited patiently as I finished with Everett and got him to bed, then we sat down on the bedroom floor to play Memory.  I started laying out the cards in a little grid, and he was immediately satisfied.

“You’re doing it right!  That’s not how Daddy did it.”

Confused, because I wasn’t doing anything spectacular or out of the ordinary here, I told him he better get Daddy and show him how he preferred it be done.  So Chris came in and sat down to play with us.

After one successful round, Caelum wanted to play again, so Chris started laying out the cards.

“Look!” Caelum’s head whipped over to me with amazement on his face.  “He no acting crazy no more!!”

Upon further discussion, Chris admitted that perhaps yes, he had been acting a little crazy in his layout of Memory cards earlier.  He had put them in a circle of sorts on the floor, kind of a mishmash, and it was clearly the work of a certifiably crazy person (at least in a 3-year-old’s view).  I’m still laughing about Caelum’s gleeful reaction to his Daddy’s restored sanity.


No Time Out December 5, 2012

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Chris said last night as we were wrapping up dinner, “Caelum, I’m so proud of you.  You’re being such a good listener!”

“I being a good listener.  I no need go in time out.”

While we have been trying to cut down on the time outs and use more gentle discipline, at least we know there’s some motivation to avoid the time outs!


Grazie November 7, 2012

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Celebrated the conclusion of my 29th year on this earth yesterday.  Chris brought me beautiful gerberas to cheer my office, then took us all out for dinner to Grazies Pasta Company.  The boys were great, and we had a fun time.  So blessed.


Cookie Comparison November 5, 2012

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Caelum is well on his way to loving Halloween as much as I do.  To inspire him, I salvaged (and by “salvaged,” I mean, “asked Mom to dig it out for me”) the old Cookie Monster costume that Mom made for me 25 years ago.  It fit him perfectly, and he loved it – even having his face painted!  I think he loved answering the door for trick-or-treaters even more than actually going out ourselves though, as he would run to the door squealing and push me aside to hand out the candy.

Cookie Comparison

Cookie circa 1986 and 2012

Everett also was a trooper.  Not as much enthusiasm as Caelum, but at least he kept his hat on!

Family Halloween 2012

A Girl Who Loves Halloween & an 80’s Aerobics Instructor combine to form a Cookie Monster and a Tiny Swashbuckler

I just cannot resist these big eyes.

Everett Halloween 2012